When one thinks of a private jet flight, private planes of wealthy and famous people often come to mind, but in reality it is a more popular option especially when considering the charter option.

More than 70,000 private jets take off every month in Europe alone, and to the fateful question ‘how much does it cost to charter a private jet’ we answer by saying that the value of a private jet transfer depends entirely on the requirements of the trip. On average, most ‘jet’ aircraft have an hourly cost starting at €3,000.00 per hour (for Entry Level Jets such as the Citation Mustang, rising to Light Jets such as the Citation CJ2, to Super Light Jets such as the Citation XLS up to Midsize Jets or Super Midsize Jets such as the Hawker 80XP or Citation Sovereign), but there are aircraft for less luxurious journeys with a more favourable hourly cost (Turbo-Prop or Piston).

A much-discussed option in the current media is that of empty-legs, those contractually confirmed positioning or return flights which, being empty, can be taken advantage of to great economic advantage, being able to take advantage of a discount that sometimes reaches 60%.

Exclusive Rent is an aircraft broker, we do not own any aircraft and this is an added value as we offer you the ability to find the most suitable aircraft for your particular flight requirements at the best possible price at the time, comparing different aircraft available on the market rather than booking from a local operator for simplicity.

An important detail is the fact that we only operate aircraft licensed through the AOC certificate, which subjects aircraft for hire to a number of additional regulatory requirements for the benefit of paying passengers.

Exclusive Rent’s flight quotes are for the entire aircraft (not per seat) and are usually inclusive of: positioning, fuel, crew (pilots and attendants), accommodation if required, any on-board catering, landing costs, handling, aircraft parking and maintenance.

Travelling by private plane at the time of the Covid-19 emergency and in the aftermath of it, proves to be a real and valid ally, useful for containing contagion and guaranteeing greater safety for loved ones, the most fragile people, your team or work group.

Fast heck-in; simply turn up at the airport 15 or 20 minutes before the agreed departure time, presenting yourself at the meeting point following the link sent to you by Exclusive Rent. equipment boarded more easily and your pets on board, in the cabin at the owner’s side.

The necessary documents are the same as those required for scheduled flights and you can book your flight in a few simple steps by sending us a detailed request; we will send you the most suitable options for your trip and after choosing which option you want, you will send us the data for the contract and the documents of all the passengers.

Payment can easily be made by bank transfer (fast if your flight is imminent) or by major credit card networks.

It is compulsory to leave within 30 minutes of the agreed time, so operators can generally expect slight delays, but without any guarantee. Punctuality is strongly recommended.

We can organise group flights worldwide if the number of passengers exceeds 15 and also special medical evacuation flights (using a specialised doctor, his opinion will be considered unquestionably to assess the suitability of the patient for transport.

Contact us for more information, to book your flight, a car hire for your arrival at the airport, a helicopter transfer or an assistant/chaffeur to accompany you during your stay, even in an armoured car (with various degrees of armour plating from VR1 to VR9).