Operating since 2008, Exclusive Rent Italy specializes in sports and luxury car rental and related prestige services.

Its fleet to date is characterized solely by European brands such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Dallara, Bentley, Land Rover, Mercedes, Audi, McLaren, Maserati, Rolls Royce and consists of the latest and most famous models of the period. With our Head Office in Brescia, in San Zeno Naviglio, we have perfected our home car delivery and pick-up service from the very beginning, easily supplying customers and intermediaries in Northern and Central Italy, but moving without difficulty within the borders of Southern Europe with long distances, transporting the car for an excellent result in many respects. We are present throughout the island of Sardinia with a base in Olbia, always managed in-house.

The sports and luxury car rental provided by Exclusive Rent Italy allows for an extraordinary driving experience in all top-of-the-range cars, selected for each sector. Prestige models, technologically advanced and full-optionals. Precision, punctuality and seriousness are important elements in which we believe and which are constantly recognized as our distinguishing features.

Exclusive Rent Italy specializes in short term sports, super sports and top of the range car rentals and monthly rentals, but we also frequently sign medium and long term rental contracts with a final redemption option, as each of our rental services can be customized to suit your needs and preferences.

The passion of our Team and the professionalism that accompanies us has allowed Exclusive Rent to be able to include within its services some products full of adrenaline and excitement, such as panoramic tours by Helicopter, Yacht Lounges in prominent positions during Formula 1 GPs in Monaco, corporate events and a series of track driving experiences with real racing supercars and not with the usual super sporty road cars that are far from suitable for kerbs and intensive driving.

Exclusive Rent Italy also easily provides the possibility of hiring top-of-the-range cars for weddings, with very short rentals, either for free use or with chauffeur.

All cars are always thoroughly cleaned on each return to ensure our utmost care for you.
In 2020, in accordance with ministerial regulations for the prevention of virus transmission and contagion, our service remains fully active, intensifying cleaning operations and ensuring our best total sanitisation of the interior.
We have seen that our customary attention to hygiene and the usual disinfection of the vehicles remains firmly imprinted in the memory of our customers, who, even in this period, have turned to us, demonstrating their highest level of satisfaction.

For more information, availability and quotations you can contact us directly describing your requirement.