Terms & conditions

Basic requirements for a SHORT-TERM RENTAL

  • Valid driving licence in the State of usage according to local Law terms. In Italy you need a valid type B driving licence achieved for at least 3 years without limitations. International driving licence for unreadable characters and in the cases provided by the Law.
    On request, new drivers may be offered cars according to current Law.
  • Valid identity card or passport (you must have at least 23 years old). If the customer/driver is under the age of 23 years old, rates and deductibles may be applied higher than the Lessor unquestionable judgement.
  • Credit card.

The exit of the vehicles from national territory or the entry into port or aeroportual areas must be expressly and previously authorized in writing by our Management.

Vehicle must be returned in the same conditions and with the same equipements of the beginning as the initial condition, except for normal usage.

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