Unconventional rent service

Sports cars, convertibles, luxury sedans: we offer short,
very short, medium and long term car rental services.
But we also provide for historic cars rental, private jet flights and helicopter transfers…


Exclusive Rent Italy was born out of a passion for motoring, and its Staff pays attention to the distinctive details of a luxury rental car, from the set-up in the configuration phase of new models to the maintenance with all original components and first-line accessory services for greater safety and reliability distinguishing features of a top car hire service.


Exclusive Rent Italy operates 365 days a year to offer you rental services tailored to your requirements. It is possible to configure your rental service for both private and corporate needs, trying to satisfy even the most demanding with any time of delivery and collection on request.
Our bookings are guaranteed and all cars in the fleet are certified for rental use.


Exclusive Rent Italy pays great attention to the protection of its Clients. From the handling of the most sensitive data, documents, and rented cars anonymously as if they were their own property, to the delivery and collection of the same carried out in a personalized manner, putting each Client at ease in the context of the greatest possible discretion.

Our passion,
your satisfaction

Exclusive Rent, present since 2008, specializes in sports and luxury car rental for the short, medium and long term.

Sports and luxury car rental at Exclusive Rent Italy allows for an extraordinary driving experience in all top-of-the-range cars, selected for each category. We rent prestige models, technologically advanced and full-optional. Precision, punctuality, discretion and seriousness are important elements in which we believe and which are consistently recognized as our hallmarks.

Share your passion for supercars with us.

To request more information, availability and quotes on our rental services, please contact us directly describing your need.

Short- and medium-term rental

Exclusive Rent Italy specializes in sports and luxury car rental services for the short and medium term with a very large fleet already available and featuring European brands such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Dallara, Bentley, Land Rover, Mercedes AMG, Audi, McLaren, Maserati and the latest and most fashionable models of the period.

All cars are maintained in excellent condition and are carefully and frequently checked to offer the best possible comfort and safety.

The short-term rental services that Exclusive Rent Italy can provide start from a single day and can also be configured on specific request for consecutive months of rental.

Our Company offers car rental services also for tours, travel agencies, tv sets, influencers, business and leisure situations.

Long-term rental

Exclusive Rent Italy is able to offer you customized long term rental services for all car categories, dedicating a tailor-made configuration, complete management of the vehicle and its maintenance during the entire duration of the service, with tailor-made programming carried out by us for you and support from our Staff all the way to your home without radius limitations, allowing you to truly understand the car as a complete pleasure and for those occasions where premium car rental becomes the daily tool of your business.

By choosing long-term rental from Exclusive Rent Italy you can freely choose to change your car each time, reschedule your rental contract or buy it back at the end of the service.

Our services

Rental of sports, super sports and luxury cars from a single day to several consecutive months

Customized cars rental for all car categories, tailor-made configuration and complete vehicle and maintenance management

Chauffeur-driven hire for leisure and business occasions, with customized departures and arrivals at each location

We broker private flights with private jets and helicopters, seeking and offering absolute confidentiality and professionalism

Luxury cars and historic cars rental for wedding, and also crewed yacht charters and race cars driving experiences

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Delivery and collection across Europe

Taking advantage of the central location in Northern Italy of our headquarters, we have perfected our customized car delivery and take-back service at home since 2008. We easily supply customers and intermediaries in Northern and Central Italy, but are able to reach every destination in Southern Europe without difficulty.

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